Our Story



Here at Brío Soul, we’re very passionate about what we do and why we do it, so we created a brand where we could share that vision with you - the conscious consumer. Brío Soul was created with versatility and self-expression in mind.

Bright, eye-catching fashion is making a comeback and we create colourful, sustainable and functional pieces that you can wear in everyday life… with Brío! 





Brio (bree-oh) - the word Brio describes something done with energy and confidence, or a liveliness of spirit. By definition, it is verve, vigour or vivacity of style or performance. With roots in multiple languages, Brío continues to inspire, with synonyms including; to do something with energy, determination or strength. We chose to use the latin inflection to embody the energy of the word. 

Soul - the core essence; heart. It can also be used to describe the emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.


Now that you know why we chose the word Brío to represent our brand, read on to discover a bit more about our Soul.





Art is the creation of passion and expression and is meant to be shared with the world. 

Brío Soul works with artists, creatives and artisans, who get inspiration from their communities, cultures, people and amazing places around the globe. We believe in celebrating the beauty and uniqueness that can be found in diversity and work to bring you beautifully vibrant and sustainable clothing that you’ll feel amazing in!



In the same way that the world around us inspires the artistic choices on our clothing, it also serves as a reminder of the importance to preserve our planet. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint wherever possible, from using sustainable and socially responsible manufacturing techniques, to innovative fabrics that give a second life to our recycled materials. 

Fashion has traditionally been a highly polluting industry, so our mission is to slow things down and focus on the environment. We take our time to choose fabrics tailored for you that are better for the planet, allowing you to feel good about wearing Brío Soul, knowing that together we can make a difference.  

We work with manufacturers that use state of the art technology and machinery and have been able to reduce or eliminated their water consumption in the process of creating and dying our garments. Some of our factories are also solar powered to reduce carbon emissions. Where possible, Brío Soul gives recycled materials, such as plastic bottles, a second life by using them in the creation of our fabrics which keeps them out of our oceans and landfills. 

Reducing our carbon footprint is an ongoing mission but we’re up for the challenge, striving to constantly improve along the way. Our shipping and packaging is also done with sustainability in mind, where we use as much recycled packaging and tagging as possible (and it’s worldwide). Our high-quality clothing is made to last through every step of your life’s journey so every time you make a conscious purchase from our store, know it has been made with our earth in mind.



Just as the planet is important, so are our people. We personally visit and work with manufacturers that provide fair wages and ethical working conditions. Our garments are produced in factories that maintain rigorous social, environmental and economical standards, where workers can do their jobs with pride and dignity. 

As a female-founded company, we aim to break gender barriers to empower women in the fashion industry. We choose to work with companies that employ women that would otherwise be facing social barriers to employment. This goes deeper as well, as equality is about more than just fair wages and women being represented in the workforce, although this is very important, but also in the fair treatment and inclusion of all people regardless of creed, race, sex, or orientation or skill. Diversity is something to be celebrated.

At Brío Soul, we believe in empowering everyone to live their most vibrant life, where they are able to express their individuality. With an inclusive range of sizes, and more to come as we continue to grow, our versatile clothes are made just for you. 



Every piece of clothing designed by our artists is inspired by the communities they live in. Supporting our communities is important to us, which is why Brío Soul has partnered with non-profits and charitable organizations across Canada to ensure that 10% of the profits are returned to the communities where the inspiration happens. 

Our mission is to make greater charitable contributions by developing more partnerships around the globe. This will allow Brío Soul to make a greater positive impact to more communities and more people around the world. It’s the little gestures that can make a great impact - Together we can make a difference.


We’re glad that you’ve found us! Take your time to look around and explore our art and our style. If you're wanting more, join our Brío Soul community or sign up for our newsletter by clicking the links below.