Our Story

Founded and created in 2020 by Chayle Beaudoin in British Columbia, BrÍo Soul Apparel aims at becoming your biggest international ally in all things sports, comfort, fashion, community and most importantly sustainability. 

Being an entrepreneur and business woman as well as an artist, Chayle grew up with a passion for culture, art, sports and wellbeing. She has also been an avid yogi since the age of 16, finding a life-long passion for the practice. 

One of her most inspiring traits is her devotion to being of support to others, especially women, and artists alike. With her work she aims at inspiring artists to follow their dreams and passion through their artwork and overall ignite women to pursue their life goals by aligning themselves to their desires. 



Our spotlight at Brío Soul lies in providing you with a range of unique pieces to make you live better, feel better and support you in your urban wellness journey.   

We are a carefully designed brand where elements like energy, vivacity and determination take the lead, while allowing space for comfort and adaptability. 

These key components were strongly desired by our Founder and CEO, Chayle and we aim at keeping this promise to you. 

The idea about bringing Brío Soul to life came right after a trip to the Dominican Republic in 2018. Here Chayle was looking for her bigger purpose and ways to make a difference. 

When she found herself helping build houses for families in remote areas in the jungle she thought that was the most rewarding experience ever. 

Once returned to Canada she couldn’t let the excitement and momentum gained there be just a memory, and put herself at work to pursue her dream of combining her inclination of helping people with her love for art. 

With a strong vision and clear values, she put all her efforts in making Brío Soul a reality.  



Inspiration for Brío Soul collections come from different and equally interesting sources. 

Nature’s silhouettes, contemporary urban artwork, graffiti, art and the expression of the human soul are what move Chayle the most. She focuses on bringing these forms of expression together, by actively collaborating with emerging artists to embrace their art and showcase that in Brio Soul’s unique pieces. For this reason when approaching designing the collections, she chooses a differ theme to focus on, and provides information to her team with the details she would like to see in the end. 

The final result is a sports’ clothing line that is well fitted and high-quality for those who are not afraid to express themselves through bold designs. 

This is how our magic happens! 



Integrity, respect, kindness, transparency, honesty, creativity and vision are our founder’s  key values, both in business and life, and the company is built with these principles in mind. These values are key when choosing what manufacturers we work with, where our material is sourced, the impact to the planet and the impact to the environment. 

The experience while wearing the clothing is equally as important as how the pieces look, so we focus on creating stunning silhouettes that feel amazing to wear.

Our focus lies on making our customers, both men and women, feel aligned with our brand and our values. Hence for us it is pivotal to offer the finest quality and the most exclusive design by being sustainable and respecting the environment.  



Among the fundamental aspects of our brand, there’s sustainability. 

A concept that is very close to our heart. It not only reflects in the way our fabrics are sourced, created and treated, but also in the ongoing focus we have on our sustainability journey.

We have chosen Colombia as the most suitable country to kickstart our production for its availability of sustainable fabrics and its world renowned craftsmanship. We work closely with manufacturers who develop their proprietary fabrics and offer a process called sublimation, where the ink is directly infused in the yarn. 

Undoubtedly this makes Brìo Soul a brand that avoids using water in the production process as well as the release of polluted water in the environment, contributing to the reduction of carbon footprint due to our activities. 




Brío Soul is the result of hard and thoughtful work consciously orchestrated by Chayle and her teams worldwide. 

It has your comfort and sense of style at heart, and it will keep you company from the tennis court, to the gym, on the yoga mat or even to your weekly get together with friends. Its versatility and functionality blended with its fabrics’ buttery feeling, we’ll become your next obsession.

The world be prepared for a Brío Soul Revolution!