What Is Brío Soul?

Brand Refresh! New Energy and a New Look! 


Over the last few months, the Brío Soul team has reflected on who we are, what we believe and what we want to represent to the world. The manifestation of this is a reimagining of what the brand means to us.  Although we have a new look and name, our core values are still the same. Just as we invite you to grow and change, we are ready to share with you our next evolution as Brío Soul.

So… What is Brío Soul?

Brío (bree-oh) - the word Brío describes something done with energy and confidence, or a liveliness of spirit. By definition, it is verve, vigor, or vivacity of style or performance. With roots in multiple languages, Brío drives inspiration: we want everyone to live their life with ‘brío’, by embodying  energy, determination and strength. We chose to use the Latin inflection to emphasize  the energy of the word.

Soul - the core essence; heart. It can also be used to describe emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.

Understanding Our Logo

These concepts of energy and intensity are mirrored in our logo. Brío is represented by the golden rays to illustrate  lively and warm energy and evoke a sense of confidence. Soul is represented by the triangle in the center, symbolic of the ‘manipura’ or solar plexus chakra; the power point in your body relating to personal power and strength.


Parita Shah defines the chakra system as the place that holds your body’s energy. In yoga and meditation, the term specifically refers to the wheels of energy that are found throughout the body. Seven of these are distributed along the body's spine. Although they cannot be seen by the human eye, they can be felt, and sensed with intuition. 

The Brío Soul logo features the third chakra, the manipura chakra, which is the source of personal power. When it’s balanced, it brings forth feelings of empowerment, purpose and creativity.

Also known as the solar plexus, it is associated with golden energy and more broadly, the sun. Exercising or walking outside in the sun can help open this chakra. As for the winter months or rainy days, simply visualizing it through meditation can have similar effects on your mind and spirit.

Just as the alignment of the manipura chakra can empower you, our vibrant and eye-catching apparel is underpinned by the power of ‘brío’ and each of our souls. We believe in making apparel that is versatile, inspirational and drives confidence in everyone, so we can focus on living our best lives.




So, now that we’ve got our new logo and we’ve shared the meaning behind it, we’re ready to run with it! Keep an eye out for more exciting things from Brío Soul and new exciting merchandise coming soon. 

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