Who knew there was a Random Act Of Kindness Day?


Imagine yourself having some free time one afternoon and stumbling upon a cookie recipe that looks delicious. You decide to bake them, and once you’re done, you can’t believe how gooey and delicious they came out. You think to yourself that they’re too good to not share, and you decide to take them to your co-workers the next day. Although this decision seems to be almost obvious to some, it’s these acts that make others stop for a bit to smile and be grateful. This is why the Random Acts of Kindness day exists.

Compassion, generosity, and concern are a few reasons why people do these acts of kindness. The main idea of it is not to push your limits and spend a lot of money for another person but to instead demonstrate to them that you care and that they matter. Not only can these acts be done towards our peers and loved ones, but a big part of this national day is what we do for complete strangers.


Random Act of Kindness Day (RAK) has its own foundation and encourages people to become RAKtivists. To them, “there’s no limit on the amount of goodness we can put into the world”. Their acts of kindness include giving a gift card to someone from a local shop, writing a letter, messaging a loved one, among many other things. Their goal is to make kindness the norm. Where kindness exists, happiness can flourish. And with happiness, we can live our lives in peace, and inspire each other to be our authentic selves.

At Brío Soul Apparel, our pillars establish who we are, and what we stand for. We want to create a positive impact, look after the environment by establishing sustainability as a core principle, and give back to the community, locally and globally. Yes, we are an athletic apparel company, but we strive to be more than that; we want our clothing to inspire everyone to be a little kinder every day.

So, today we encourage you to think of others around you and how you can offer a random act of kindness. Here are some ideas:

  1. Leave a kind note to someone 
  2. Pay for a coffee for the person next to you in line
  3. Post some of your unwanted things in your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook (or start your own!)
  4. Have flowers delivered to a random patient at a senior's home or hospital
  5. Smile at a person on the street
  6. Buy your best friend a “Kindness Matters” mask to keep them and others safe
  7. Compliment someone for something that stands out in them


We know most of us are sometimes in a rush or don’t think of doing these things for others, but that’s why this day exists, to remind us that the little things are always the most important and can connect us with people in our community. Slow down, look around you, how are others doing today? And, who knows, maybe someone will repay the kindness back to you and make your day.

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