International Women's Day 2022


It all starts with a dream. It’s a little cliché, but if we choose to chase it, what it can unlock can be literally life-changing. For our Founder and CEO Chayle Beaudoin, this is exactly what happened.

Brío Soul Apparel - as you see it today - isn’t where it started. The evolution of who we are has taken Chayle across the world and through many experiences. “It all started while I was on a life-changing community mission to build homes for the less fortunate in the jungles of the Dominican Republic”, Chayle said as she described her journey to date. “I knew that I had a higher purpose, and I needed to uncover what that was.” Diving deeper into how Chayle uncovered this, she opened up as to when the ‘a-ha’ moment occurred. “I thought to myself, if I can make a huge difference to a group of peoples’ lives in a week here, what could I do across the whole world?”.


And that’s where it all began. As a life-long artist, and an avid yogi, Chayle built an idea from a dream to mix these two passions and give back to the world in a way that can truly make a difference, and the outcome of this was the envisioning of Brío Soul Apparel - a way of life that brings vibrancy and color through the clothing we wear, whilst giving back to the community and the artists that represent these communities.

Brío Soul Apparel prides itself on four key pillars: Creativity and Artwork, Sustainability and the Environment, Ethical, Fair and Inclusive practices and the Community and Giving Back. Everything we do, and all the beautiful pieces of clothing we provide you - the conscious consumer - comes back to these four pillars.


As we’ve grown, Chayle hasn’t lost sight of where we started. “Even though today we sell globally, and myself and the team work on expanding our message across the world, we still make sure everyone we work with, and all of our customers, know what is important to us and what we stand for through our clothing. We want all our customers to purchase clothing they will love, knowing that they are ethically crafted and using the highest quality materials.”

Today, we want to celebrate all the women in the world, from those that are trailblazing the world of business and economics, to those who take inspiration from societal leaders like our Founder And CEO Chayle, to be empowered and make a difference anywhere and anyway they can.

We support the message of International Women’s Day 2022 of #BreakTheBias. Although we employ, support and enlighten all genders, we encourage everyone to create a world that is free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination, a world that is diverse, equitable and inclusive, and a world where difference is valued and celebrated. We live and breathe this every day at Brío Soul Apparel, and when you proudly wear our clothing, you’re supporting these causes and reflecting our pillars with dignity, respect and courage.

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