"Three Mothers, One Dream"

 “When there is a dream, there is a vision.”

As a special Mother’s Day blog, we sat down with the Founder of The TMA Podcast (The Tell Me All Podcast), Seilyn Diaz, and her two amazing co-workers, Adriane Passley and Cherry Villanos to talk about their journeys as working Mom’s looking to make their mark in the world of business, podcasting and what inspires them everyday.

There is one characteristic that brings these strong women together: the chance to share their stories to inspire women of all ages, diversity and socio-economic status to live their best life.


Seilyn’s journey to creating the rapidly growing Podcast began with a desire to find a platform to help her open up on her path from war-torn Nicaragua, where women’s rights are not enforced and respected, to the land of opportunity and education in Canada, where she could grow as a person and learn to make a difference through empowering all women to share their stories and set themselves free.

A proud mother of three kids (and a new puppy!), Seilyn came to Canada as a young Mom-to-be, with the hope of creating a better life for herself, so she can in return give everything to her kids, who are the inspiration behind The TMA Podcast. As a single Mom, Seilyn’s journey inspires all women to dream big and reach high, and more importantly, surround yourself with the people that will push you when you need it, and celebrate with you when you make it.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” – and it’s a motto that will continue to propel Seilyn, her team and their vision to the lofty heights they dream of and will one day achieve.


Adriane Passley is one of two co-hosts of The TMA Podcast. As an aspiring and successful fashion retailer and stylist out of Toronto, Ontario, Adriane’s path transitioned from one of a driven, career-focused workaholic to that of a mom-aholic who pivoted her dream to find the perfect balance between both of these pathways.

Her biggest challenge came when she moved to Vancouver, BC and restarted her life, spending years finding a purpose and meaning to the desire to help the community and give a voice to those who need it most. Adriane’s ‘motherly’ nature, combined with this desire to create a sense of community among people led her to create ‘Sunday Dinners’, a weekly event for mothers and kids to come together to share a meal, conversation and connection. And it was through this community giving that Adriane and Seilyn met, bonded and joined forces to grow and give voice to the people through The TMA Podcast.

The team is rounded out by the bubbly and powerful Cherry Villanos. Cherry’s story is different from Seilyn and Adriane, in that her journey has, is, and always will be, to help other women be their best self, without bias or without prejudice, and love who they are.


Cherry’s journey is also one of challenges and sacrifices, but she never waivered from her dream and vision, leading her on the path that she is on and the success she has experienced in all facets of her life.

Cherry has always been involved in making women feel their most confident self. Cherry’s career from being a female Personal Trainer to a Director of Fitness and working for supplement companies supporting both women and men to achieve their goals.  This led her to create her own company ‘Cherry Dolls’, a specialized beauty and make-up company for fitness models, influencers and celebrities. Cherry’s journey has seen her work globally with some of the best bodybuilders and Olympians in the world, and also celebrities and professional athletes in the NBA and UFC worlds.

Cherry devoted her career to making a difference in the world of other women, and considers herself a ‘Fur Mom’, and that nurturing characteristic comes out in her dream and vision of empowerment for all women.


The TMA Podcast is a growing podcast with a global audience, dedicated to giving a voice to the real life stories of people in our communities, to help them inspire all of us to be our most authentic self. Your story matters, and they want to hear it! As the name suggests, Seilyn, Adriane and Cherry ask everyone to ‘Tell Me All!’

You can listen to The TMA Podcast by subscribing on your favourite podcast platform, and can follow them on Instagram @TheTMAPodcast

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