Change is Inevitable

Humans and Comfort
Humans like comfort. Creature comforts, comfortable relationships, comfortable jobs. We like to be comfortable and for most of us, we aim to stay within the coziness of our own, well-established comfort zones. In fact, the Danish even have a single word that they use to describe a quality of coziness and comfortable warmth that produces a feeling of contentment or well-being: Hygge. That being said, occasionally things happen that force us wholeheartedly out of this comfortable life that we have established. If we are able to step up to the plate when it happens to us, we are able to make great strides in the direction that our souls want to go. The direction that we were meant to go when we started this life. Now that doesn’t mean that taking this leap isn’t going to produce a certain level of fear or anxiety within us as we navigate this new trajectory, it just means that we have to be brave and keep putting one foot in front of the other, and keep walking in the direction of our goals.
What Causes Change?
Change is the evolution of the human, including the human spirit. People don’t change unless they have to - ranging from a variety reasons, both positive and negative, including health, happiness, personal growth, financial reasons or even loss. Sometimes we choose to change ourselves in order to grow or manifest something in our lives that we are seeking to attain. In other cases, we are forced into this change, sometimes abruptly and unexpectedly, which is not always a pleasant experience. It is often the unpleasant experiences in our lives that test our mettle. These experiences show us how resilient we can truly be - that we have the tenacity and determination to step forward, even when the going gets tough, and persevere. We’ve all heard the age-old adage, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” which speaks to the optimism of the human spirit. For good reason too - if we are able to remain optimistic and consider all the things that we have the power to change within the face of adversity or misfortune, and turn them into something positive or desirable, we stand to make great gains.
How Can We Embrace Change?
Naturally, we want to assess the situation. We want to look at it with our logical mind to assess the damage and take stock of our new circumstances. This is completely normal, but at the same time, we should also remember to take a moment and feel out the situation with our heart. When we allow ourselves to be present, outside of the persistent chatter of the mind, we take the time to acknowledge how we actually feel. This acknowledgement serves as a type of governing compass. A compass that points you in the direction of your dreams. 
It is from this place, that when we are listening to our hearts, that we can hear the humming of our hearts’ desires. Now, this doesn’t mean that once we have an indication of what brings us joy, that the path will be easy. In fact, it is most often not the case, simply because this is outside of our comfort zone that we resided in for so long, and the path is often new.
Keep going - you got this.
The tree doesn’t start as a tree; it begins as a humble seed. The blueprint - just as our souls have a blueprint - is held within the seed. But it takes sunlight and water to nurture this seed to make it grow. A plant without water and sunlight withers and dies, just as a human cannot grow to their full potential without following that which feeds their soul. When a seed begins to grow, it is tiny and fragile, but as it develops, its roots deepen and the plant flourishes, stretching upwards toward the sun. The same is true of our own souls. If we take the time to nurture our souls and feed that which brings us joy, then our lives will blossom with happiness, abundance and satisfaction. Because we are truly living. We are living outside of our comfort zone, but perhaps this is where we were meant to live all along. To live a life filled with marvels and beauty and experiences that are unparalleled in our hearts.